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This innovative report delivers dynamic market intelligence that jumps off the page and into your business agenda. The comprehensive analysis and data, combined in our in-depth forecasts and groundbreaking news makes this the only source you'll need!

As a disease, obesity directly afflicts the health of billions and contributes to the mortality of an unbounded number of people. The BioWorld & Medical Device Daily Obesity Report: Tipping The Market Scales With Biotech & Med-Tech Regimens is now available online to tip the market scales in your favor with the business acumen on this market that can optimize your R&D and medical efforts in fighting the latest Battle of the Bulge.

Biotech, pharma and med-tech decision-makers and practitioners, as well as market observers, investors and purveyors of weight loss products & services can depend on this comprehensive account, published from the combined experience and resources of two of the most reliable and erudite names in daily reporting in life sciences journalism over the past 20 years, BioWorld and Medical Device Daily.

The obesity market represents the next great health epidemic. Globally, 1.7 billion adults are overweight and 500 million are obese, putting 25 percent of the world's population in the disease's grasp, with those figures projected to respectively increase by mid-decade to 2.3 billion and 700 million, creating the need for a huge treatment market to heal what is becoming the world's largest disease market.

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